Monday, 25 November 2013

Role of News & Media in Society

News & Media has often played a significant role in shaping the contours (values, beliefs and aspirations) of any society. The changing nature of today’s world and the need for fast mechanisms to inform and educate people has put media at the forefront of this endeavor.

What is the Actual Role of Media in Society?

-Promote useful flow of information.
Without a systematic flow and dispensing of information society would ultimately degenerate into anarchy and disorder.

-Promote values, traditions and beliefs.
Each media agency or platform is governed by a set of values that try to harmonise the collective good of the society it exists in.

-Promote Public Accountability.
We happen to see misuse and abuse of power by elected and appointed public representatives and public servants. Media has a high profile task to highlight such injustices, abuse or misuse of power, promoting accountability in public service, promoting government accountability to its people and also promoting accountability in public respect for law and order and public institutions.

-Public Watchdog.
In a similar way being a public watchdog will institute mechanisms to enhance responsiveness of the governments especially in democracies where the media has a lot of influence in projecting government policy, programs, and channels for redressal and mechanism for good governance.

-Entertainment and Education.
The 24 hour news channels have incorporated programming to break from the monotony of constant and persistent news.

-Ethics, Integrity and Dignity.
There are fundamental principles which every person or a people will uphold sacredly. This calls for a creation of codes of conduct and behavior that will not be surpassed nor overlooked.

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