Friday, 27 December 2013

Hindi News Update You about Your City and State

What is going on in your society and locality is the biggest concern for each citizen. Therefore, we would always be ready to stay updated with the latest incidents of our locality. It is not about the political news, entertainment news, crime news or other rather it is only meant for making the citizens aware about the updates. The biggest source is internet which endows us with most updated news of the whole world as well as local news such Kota news, Delhi news and other state Hindi Online News.

The significance of the regional news is increasing day by day because people are more empowered and they wanted to stay updated with their society and surroundings. The news channels and publishers also considered this aspect and started regional news channels to grab the attention of particular region people. Now internet is replete with the e-books in Hindi for the people who want to read subjects and topics in Hindi language.

Do you want to know what your local politicians are up to or what issues are being raised by your society? Indeed, you can have as if you are in Delhi; there are several regional Hindi News Papers and channels providing Delhi News. Similarly, you can have the Kolkata news. You can have hind news papers and journals directly from the market or simply visiting the web-site and read the news. Internet is the biggest and easiest source of retrieving information about any topic.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Online Hindi News & Their Benefits

The main benefits of Online Hindi News is that you can access all the breaking information and all the updates which is happening in your city, state and country within single click.  Every minute these online web-sites are providing updated news and alerts that you would like to know. They are also posting breaking news much ahead through any medium, which makes it possible and value it.

Reading news online you can save a lot of time, and you an update you're-self in a day.  It is also good for money saving because you can spend too much money on bundle of newspaper. It is also very helpful and you need not to turn on your radio and television, you can get all the informative news through online news web-site even you are in the office.

The online Hindi news web-site offers a lot of online tools and other medium that will not cost you any money. You and you many different online feature and tools like polls, email alerts, online voting and many more. You can also use audio and video option, along with video audio and text news.

Online news web-sites also provide many offer like alerts and mobile updates in your home, which is a very inventive feature.  You can also get the latest breaking and hand lines right in front of you at any time.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Importance of Hindi Online News in Society

News is very important in a society for a number of reasons. It is medium to inform the public about news and events those are affect them and held around them. News is medium to connect people easily. Hindi News is important for social gathering space too; hence newspapers either online or physical place an emphasis on news.

Local News Importance
News from a local area and any village is often important to advise people in a locality about many activities that may have an impact on a local community. This can allow engaging in decision making processes in a local community. For example if a local community reports on a big accident or crime then hotspot reporting place can be later used as proof to lobby for funding to fix a problem.

National News Importance
Having a national news focal point can allow people to gain a sense of national viewpoint. This is particularly major for countries that have a diverse range of population centers such as cities or towns. For example large cities many thousands of miles apart may still rely on each other for trade or resources of economic import. So knowing the conditions in other cities and towns becomes important.

International News Importance
News from one country to another is important in today’s global market. Knowing what is going on in other countries gives people a viewpoint of each others ways of life and cultural differences.  Certain kinds of news from countries that rely on each other for energy or other resources can often have a deep power in overall global markets.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Hindi News & Effects of Journalism in India

Many languages are spoken in India and among those Hindi is the one, which is mostly used by Indian people. It is also India's national language. And, since majority of Indian population is comfortable with reading and speaking Hindi, so number of Hindi Newspapers and magazines also catering millions of Indians. For, this reasons only various English and regional language newspapers are launching their Hindi versions.

The major newspapers in India are Rajasthan Patrika, Dainik Jagran, Navbharat times, Amar Ujala and many more. Rajasthan Patrika is one of the best Hindi Newspapers in all over India and it also publishes evening newspaper, which is very popular in some states. It provides superb and attractive news headlines and giving tough competition to even English, Urdu and regional newspapers. It is gaining huge popularity therefore many Indian advertising agencies started paying more attention to current Hindi newspapers.

These papers are providing many types of reports from several fields like politics, business, crime, education, health, fashion, entertainment, sports news in Hindi and give equal importance to each type of news.

Nowadays, Hindi newspapers are most popular medium for advertising, promotion and public relations. Majority of Hindi Newspapers (including Patrika) also have their online editions which are updated on real-time basis means as soon as event happens. This strategy makes possible to read newspaper to all those people who are not able to read it in the morning. Today, in this era of globalization, online edition plays a vital role in advertising and public relationship.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Role of News & Media in Society

News & Media has often played a significant role in shaping the contours (values, beliefs and aspirations) of any society. The changing nature of today’s world and the need for fast mechanisms to inform and educate people has put media at the forefront of this endeavor.

What is the Actual Role of Media in Society?

-Promote useful flow of information.
Without a systematic flow and dispensing of information society would ultimately degenerate into anarchy and disorder.

-Promote values, traditions and beliefs.
Each media agency or platform is governed by a set of values that try to harmonise the collective good of the society it exists in.

-Promote Public Accountability.
We happen to see misuse and abuse of power by elected and appointed public representatives and public servants. Media has a high profile task to highlight such injustices, abuse or misuse of power, promoting accountability in public service, promoting government accountability to its people and also promoting accountability in public respect for law and order and public institutions.

-Public Watchdog.
In a similar way being a public watchdog will institute mechanisms to enhance responsiveness of the governments especially in democracies where the media has a lot of influence in projecting government policy, programs, and channels for redressal and mechanism for good governance.

-Entertainment and Education.
The 24 hour news channels have incorporated programming to break from the monotony of constant and persistent news.

-Ethics, Integrity and Dignity.
There are fundamental principles which every person or a people will uphold sacredly. This calls for a creation of codes of conduct and behavior that will not be surpassed nor overlooked.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Roles of News and Media Organizations

1-Bring information to readers and viewers; with a plethora of platforms and mediums like the radio, television, internet, newspapers and magazines the variety to avail information to the public is also deep.
2-Educate and lead public in protecting human rights and freedom of the people; the desire for complete freedom and protection of human rights is a well written and researched topic in all public forums. News and Media organizations have to remind and sensitise the people on these issues.

3- An for medium or instrument of social change; here the scope for influence and adapting people’s views into the national conscience is profound.

4-Uphold moral and ethical values in society; morality and ethics form the base or foundation for integrity and self respect of any individual, group of people, or society.

5- Provide comprehensive, intelligent and a true account of events and news. News can be a short circuit for public disturbance and unrest if untrue. With such a responsibility news and media organizations like Patrika have an important role in shaping true accounts of happenings, events, news that only help to strengthen the code of morality in the community.

Patrika therefore with a far reaching imprint on the community’s psych has steadfastly built a rapport can only get stronger the years go by.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Delhi News and Their Importance

In every states of India all types of news is published to the people in many different languages. For instance, the people of Delhi get all the latest updates of Delhi News in the Hindi, as Hindi is the common language which most of the people speak in this state. Hindi is the officially measured as national language of India because most of the people understand Hindi better. That is reason of the significant sources of news which is published in different types of news in this language. In all states people should know about occurrence of their state and also about their country. For example, Kolkata people will be updated with the Kolkata news in Hindi and Delhi people will get updated with the Delhi news in Hindi and same in case with Lucknow also.

India is a country which has unity in variety. Nowadays media is really very active in India to convey and explore various kinds of news. In every states of India people of different language and religion live together. News plays the important role in not only uniting us but also encourages about the things for which we have to stand and fight like corruption and other similar problems.

In all states different types of newspapers are printed. The news paper not only delivers the Delhi news in Hindi but also other news. In Lucknow people can get all kind of Lucknow news from newspapers. Our country is very vast and here the people speak in different language and following different culture and ceremonies.