Saturday, 29 March 2014

Cricket Hindi News Semifinals Beckon India in T-20 World Cup

‘The cast for beautiful romantic movie will always depend on a solid script’. This Indian cricket team seems to be on a roll in the ongoing T-20 cricket world cup tournament in Bangladesh. Cricket is passionately played in India and finds immense admiration as a national pass time in all Indian sentiment and life. The recent playing form of Indian cricket team in some formats of the game may not be anything to write home about having faced successive defeats in foreign test tournaments. Yet with the advent of the T-20 world cup things are looking up and the team is performing

Indian Cricket Team Exploits in Bangladesh include three straight victories on prominent rivals Pakistan, West Indies and Bangladesh. This sets India for a fancy semifinal clash with the redoubtable Australians. With the rankling of some issues administratively in Indian cricket it would have seemed like a doubtful or headache encounter. Yet given the penchant or perhaps audacity and faith in great batting, fielding and bowling skills of an emergent and resurgent Indian side there is hope for juicy encounter even for the Australian Match.

The youthful combination of experience and skill is giving India options in the build-up of the side especially after prominent retirement of legends like Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid and bringing on board youthful inspiring talent. With the arrival, promise and delivery of a few talents like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Yuvraj Singh and the epitome of cool captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni the sky seems the limit.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

News about AAP’s Varanasi Rally Today

Most Indians by now have read and come to know who Arvind Kejriwal is, what AAP stands for and its firebrand sense of political dispense. But greater, Varanasi, on the banks of the well-known holy Ganga River in Uttar Pradesh, India is a spiritually significant city not just in Hinduism but as a spiritual destination. Ganga Ghats inspire millions of devotees to do pilgrimage and take holy baths in the sacred river.

Based on this backdrop a new brand of Indian politics (AAP), the city is witness to a game of strange turns and fortunes in the ongoing 2014 Indian general election.  AAP rally for referendum on Varanasi seat and staking claim to challenge leading political heavyweight’s Narandra Modi. Politics has always been christened as a game or riddle of strange bed fellows.

AAP’s chief and as a new political party in Indian politics would not occupy center stage of the ongoing 2014 Indian elections without alluding to this catchy phrase. Rajnarain Smarak Park, Beniya Bagh, Varanasi today opens a new stage. As the sacred Ganga opens tremendous emotional quotient in the lives of ordinary marginalized for hope of their identity not being drowned out in the course of elite political debates. Perhaps this referendum like approach which worked to precision in New Delhi assembly polls might just as well strike home here.

With symbols as humble or down to earth as a broom, this strikes a chord for many of the illiterate and poor for robust and better access to political fortunes. There is that which begs a rational analysis of what the exact political ground looks like. The relevance will await the voters casting ballots and taking a call on their destiny.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Role of News & Media in Society

News & Media has often played a significant role in shaping the contours (values, beliefs and aspirations) of any society. The changing nature of today’s world and the need for fast mechanisms to inform and educate people has put media at the forefront of this endeavor. With the ability to relay information in a short span of time and duration, media has deeply impacted and affected the transformation of any society in present times.
What is the Actual Role of Media in Society?

-Promote useful flow of information
Without a systematic flow and dispensing of information society would ultimately degenerate into anarchy and disorder. 

-Promote values, traditions and beliefs
Each media agency or platform is governed by a set of values that try to harmonies the collective good of the society it exists in. 

-Promote Public Accountability
We happen to see misuse and abuse of power by elected and appointed public representatives and public servants. 

-Public Watchdog
In a similar way being a public watchdog will institute mechanisms to enhance responsiveness of the governments especially in democracies where the media has a lot of influence in projecting government policy, programs, and channels for redressal and mechanism for good governance. 

-Entertainment and Education
The 24 hour news channels have incorporated programming to break from the monotony of constant and persistent news. 

-Ethics, Integrity and Dignity
There are fundamental principles which every person or a people will uphold sacredly. This calls for a creation of codes of conduct and behavior that will not be surpassed nor overlooked.