Friday, 21 February 2014

About News Reportage?

News the world over is a blend, fusion and mix of flavor and ingredients to get informative and compelling news read or watch or listen. In some news organizations the attempt or effort is not to draw or gain mileage (opportunity) from an issues compelling stance in the public domain or discourse rather to have an impacting publication that will last in the minds of the public or readership for its morally binding and conscience awakening. For that in itself is the foundation for sustainable News Reportage.

In as far collecting and reporting news is concerned the real compelling imperative is to offer the truth and substance of the news as it comes. Hindi News is something that will affect the imagination and decision making process and therefore care is given to its impact and subsequent changes it could bring to the community or society.

The accountability and responsibility must always lie at a vertical premium (closer to reality) to negate negative repercussions. News can delight, bewilder and at the same time shock for the sheer unbelievability of its tone and reality.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

What is Jan Lokpal Bill and why it is important for India

Jan lokpal bill is an anti corruption bill which aims to hit corruption from the country. The motive behind this bill is to investigate corruption cases and punish the corrupter. It is a very powerful anti corruption bill to fight against the corrupt people and officers..

The biggest benefit of the Jan lokpal Bill is that the common man will be able to complaint against the corrupter and having them imprisoned as this bill gives the surety to investigate and take a quick step against the corrupter, the pursuit will be done under fast track and the punishment will be given within six months.
It will bring a positive change in the government offices as under this bill officers will be compelled to do the work properly on the time. He/She will be made to define clearly about the completion of the work given and if the work is not done properly within the time the officer will have to clarify the mistake or such officer will be unemployed, compensation will be given to the sufferer, and the work will be made to be completed within one month.

Justice should be given to Aam Aadmi as the nation is formed by the common people. If they are not happy and satisfied with their leaders there will be no use of this kind of government. The more officers are corrupt and selfish the more people will suffer. An honest and corruption free government will lead the nation to be a prosperous country.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Online Hindi News Platform of Journalism in India

Many languages are spoken in India and among those Hindi is the one, which is mostly used by Indian people. It is also India's national language. And, since majority of Indian population is comfortable with reading and speaking Hindi, so number of Hindi Newspapers and magazines also catering millions of Indians. For, this reasons only various English and regional language newspapers are launching their Hindi versions.

The major newspapers in India are Rajasthan Patrika, Dainik Jagran, Navbharat times, Amar Ujala and many more. Rajasthan Patrika is one of the best Hindi Newspapers in all over India and it also publishes evening newspaper, which is very popular in some states. It provides superb and attractive news headlines and giving tough competition to even English, Urdu and regional newspapers. It is gaining huge popularity therefore many Indian advertising agencies started paying more attention to current Hindi newspapers. These papers are providing many types of reports from several fields like politics, business, crime, education, health, fashion, entertainment, sports news in Hindi and give equal importance to each type of news.

Nowadays, Hindi Newspapers are most popular medium for advertising, promotion and public relations. Majority of Hindi Newspapers (including Patrika) also have their online editions which are updated on real-time basis means as soon as event happens. This strategy makes possible to read newspaper to all those people who are not able to read it in the morning. Today, in this era of globalization, online edition plays a vital role in advertising and public relationship.