Friday, 21 February 2014

About News Reportage?

News the world over is a blend, fusion and mix of flavor and ingredients to get informative and compelling news read or watch or listen. In some news organizations the attempt or effort is not to draw or gain mileage (opportunity) from an issues compelling stance in the public domain or discourse rather to have an impacting publication that will last in the minds of the public or readership for its morally binding and conscience awakening. For that in itself is the foundation for sustainable News Reportage.

In as far collecting and reporting news is concerned the real compelling imperative is to offer the truth and substance of the news as it comes. Hindi News is something that will affect the imagination and decision making process and therefore care is given to its impact and subsequent changes it could bring to the community or society.

The accountability and responsibility must always lie at a vertical premium (closer to reality) to negate negative repercussions. News can delight, bewilder and at the same time shock for the sheer unbelievability of its tone and reality.

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