Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Cricket News :- Win or Lose, Cricket Goes On

There is always adulation, praise, flower garlands and endless celebration coming with wins. The reverse seems true for the Indian cricket team as in the just concluded T20 world cup. Heartaches and disappointment for India coming close but missing on the T20 title by a whisker to Sri Lanka seem to open the raw emotional side of tirade, brickbats and only one player seems to blame, Yuvraj Singh.

India had amazing performance in the cricket tournament and fan expectations were no less. Yet an equally inspired opposition in Sri Lanka having come close on no less than four occasions seemed determined to bury the pain of past defeats and win the prestigious crown.

India lifted the ICC T20 world cup inaugural edition 2007 in South Africa crowning excellent run of form and performance that garnered India wholesome praise. Consistent performance that lasted up to lifting the cricket world cup in 2011 and ICC champion’s trophy in 2013. These were great moments and times for the Indian cricket fan to revel in the team’s success and victory. 

Yuvraj Singh was prominent in all the victories and made his team achieve high success despite personal health battles with dreaded cancer. In one cricket tournament defeat the brickbats and sarcasm seem bared. Memory is too short for the cricket obsessed Indian fan.     

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